1. Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience (DRIVER+), FP7 SEC-2013.4.1-1 - PhaseII, GA 607798, 2014-2020
  2. Protecting biodiversity at NATURA 2000 sites and other protected areas from natural hazards through a certified framework for cross-border education, training and support of civil protection volunteers based on innovation and new technologies (eOUTLAND) (2017-2019)
  3. MMAC: Centre of Excellence for Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Computing, Project ID 664406, H2020-WIDESPREAD-2014-1, coordinator - IICT, 2015-2016
  4. SESAME NE, Supercomputing Expertise for SmAll and Medium Enterprise Network, Project ID 654416, H2020-EINFRA-2014-2, 2015-2017
  5. VI-SEEM, VRE for regional Interdisciplinary communities in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, Project ID 675121, H2020-EINFRA-2015-1, 2015-2018
  6. EGI-Engage, Engaging the EGI Community towards an Open Science Commons, Project ID 654142, H2020-EINFRA-2014-2, 2015-2018
  7. Idealist2018, Transnational Cooperation among ICT NCPs, Project ID 645216, H2020-ICT-2014-1, 2015-2019
  8. European Network of Cybersecurity Centres and Competence Hub for Innovation and Operations, SU-ICT-03-2018, GA 830943, 2019-2013
  9. Modernization of Postgraduate Studies on Security and Resilience for Human and Industry Related Domains (SEREIN), Ref. # 543968-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-EE-TEMPUS-JPCR, 2013-216
  10. ETN-FETCH: Future Education and Training in Computing: how to support learning at any time anywhere, Erasmus Thematic Network No. 539461-LLP-1-2013-1-BG-ERASMUS-ENW, coordinator - the University of Rousse, IICT-BAS partnership (2013-2016).
  11. Empowering Young Researchers (EYE), FP7 FET Open Support Action, 2013-2015
  12. AComIn: Advanced Computing for Innovation, FP7 Capacity Programme, Research Potential of Convergence Regions. 2012-2016
  13. REMICS Reuse and Migration of Legacy applications to Interoperable Cloud Services. ICT-2009.1.2-5 Collaborative project, 2011-2013.
  14. IDEALIST 2014 Trans-national Cooperation among ICT NCPs, ICT SSA, 2011 - 2014
  15. Towards Autonomic Road Transport Support Systems, TUD COST Action TU1102, 2011-2013
  16. Multilingual and Multifaceted Interactive Information Access, MUMIA COST Action № IC1002, 2011-2013
  17. Focus Foresight Security Scenarios: Mapping Research to a Comprehensive Approach to Exogenous EU Roles, Collaborative Capability Project SEC-GA-2010-1-261633, 2011-2013.
  18. GOES Partnership agreement concerning the Civil Protection. ENV.C.4 Civil Protection, Project 070401/2010/579105/sub/c4, 2011-2012.
  19. EGI-InSPIRE European Grid Initiative: Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe, EC FP7-RI-261323, 2010-2013.
  20. HP-SEE High-Performance Computing Infrastructure for South East Europe's Research Communities, EC FP7-RI-261499, 2010-2012.
  21. EuroMatrixPlus Bringing Machine Translation for European Languages to the User, EC FP7-ICT-231720, 2010-2012.
  22. IMPACT IMProving ACces to Text, EC FP7-ICT-215064, 2010-2012.
  23. SEERA-EI South East European Research Area for eInfrastructures, EC FP7-INFRA-228052, 2009-2012.
  24. IntelliCIS Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems, COST Action 0806, 2009-2012.
  25. IterUpscale Robust Numerical Upscalling of Multiphysics Phenomena in Deformable Porous Media, FР7 PEOPLE, International Research Grant Pirg03-Ga-2008-230919, 2009-2012
  26. FastMM Fast Semi-Analytic Multiscale Methods for Multiscale Elliptic Problems, FР7 PEOPLE, International Integration Grant, Piff-Ga-2009-236913, 2009-2011.
  27. PSIP+ Patient Safety through Intelligent Procedures in Medication, EC FP7-ICT-258706, 2010-2011.
  28. FLaReNet Fostering Language Resources Network, eContent ECP-2007-LANG-617001 (National Representative), 2008-2011.
  29. ETN TRICE Teaching, Research, Innovation in Computing Education, Erasmus Thematic Network No. 142399-LLP-1-2008-1-BG-ERASMUS-ENW, 2009-2011.
  30. ALGODEC Algorithmic Decision Theory, Domain field: Information and Communication Technology, COST Action IC0602, 2008-2011.
  31. EVROS 2010 Complex Floods Management in European Union Vulnerable Areas through Effective Reaction and Joint Operations Simulation in 2010. EC Programme on Civil Protection Simulation Exercises 070401/2009/534328/SUB/A3, 2010-2011.
  32. CLARIN Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, EC FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2007-1-212230 (National Representative), 2008-2010.
  33. EVALIPP Evaluation of the Institute for Parallel Processing, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, EC FP7-REGPOT-2008-2-IST-229502, 2009-2010.
  34. FIVES Forensic Image and Video Examination Support, EC “Safer Internet Plus” Programme, SIP-2008-TP-131801, 2009-2010.
  35. SEE-GRID-SCI South Eastern European GRid-enabled eInfrastructure Development, EC FP7-RI-211338, 2008-2010.
  36. EGEE-III Enabling Grids for E-sciencE, EC-FP7-RI-222667, 2008-2010.
  37. Software Implementation and Testing of One Model for Battery Simulation at Microscale, Fraunhofer ITWM 088-P-279796, 2009-2010.
  38. Biometrics for Identification of Documents and Smart-cards. COST 2101, Project 507634, 2008-2010.
  39. e-Learning practices for vocational training, based on ECDL Syllabus 5, Life Long Learning Programme 2008-1-BG1-LEO03-00406, 2008–2009.
  40. NATO grant Monte Carlo Sensitivity Studies of Environmental Security, Programme Security through Science, Collaborative Linkage Grant PDD(TC)-ESP.EAP.CLG 982641, 2007-2008.
  41. VISP Virtual Internet Service Provider, EC FP6-IST-027178, 2005-2009.
  42. LOGOS Knowledge on Demand for Ubiquitous Learning, EC FP6-IST-027451, 2006-2009.
  43. AsIsKnown A Semantic-Based Knowledge Flow System for the European Home Textiles Industry, EC FP6-IST-028044, 2006-2009.
  44. Management of Security Related R&D in Support of Defence Industrial Transformation, NATO Project SfP 982063, 2006-2009.
  45. LT4eL Language Technology for eLearning, EC FP6-IST-027391, 2005-2008.
  46. BulTreeBank HPSG-Based Syntactic Treebanks of Bulgarian - phase 2, Volkswagen Foundation, a follow-up of BulTreeBank, 2005-2008.
  47. oCorrect Cyrillic and Latin OCR correction using electronic dictionaries and sentence context - phase 2, a follow-up of oCorrect, Volkswagen Foundation, 2005-2008.
  48. EGEE-II Enabling Grids for E-sciencE, EC FP6, INFSO-RI-031688, 2006-2008.
  49. SEE-GRID-2 South-Eastern European Grid-enabled eInfrastructure Development-2, EC FP6-RI-031775, 2006-2008.
  50. BIS21++ Bulgarian IST Centre of Competence in 21 Century, EC Human Potential Programme, FP6-INCO-CT-2005-016639, 2005-2007.
  51. BIOSECURE Biometrics for Secure Authentication, Network of Excellence, EC FP6-IST-507634, 2004-2007.
  52. ETN DEC Doctoral Education in Computing, Erasmus Thematic Network No.114046-CP-1-2004-1-BG-ERASMUS-TN, 2004–2007.
  53. HUBUSKA Networking Centres of High Quality Research on Knowledge Technologies and Applications, FP6-INCO-003401, 2004–2007.
  54. INFRAWEBS Intelligent Framework for Generating Open (Adaptable) Development Platforms for Web-Service Enabled Applications Using Semantic Web Technologies, Distributed Support Units and Multi-Agent Systems, FP6-IST-511723, 2004–2007.
  55. Buldialect Measuring linguistic unity and diversity in Europe, Joint Research project funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, 2005-2007.