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Welcome to the CoDE project!

The CoDE Project is a three-year initiative that commences with the idea of exploring and analyzing the information space in Bulgaria. Executed in collaboration with the America for Bulgaria Foundation, the project unfolds over the period of 2023-2026.

Objectives and Tasks

The CoDE Project articulates the following objectives and tasks:

Project Phases

The project unfolds across three planned phases:

  1. Analysis and Conceptualization. The inaugural year is dedicated to the nuanced processes of analysis, conceptualization, and definition of information environment.
  2. Presentation of Rationalization Guidelines. The second year is earmarked for the development of guidelines for refinement and presentation to stakeholders.
  3. Optimization and Demonstration. The final phase includes optimization and showcasing of attend results true demonstrations


The project is directed towards society at large, media organizations, academic institutions, the non-governmental sector, businesses, and public sector.

Future of the Ecosystem

Following the successful completion of the project the ecosystem for analyzing the information environment will aim to be established and continue to operate in accordance with the agreed business model and development strategy. This envisages a sustained and structured continuation of the ecosystem's activities, ensuring its ongoing relevance and impact beyond the project's conclusion.