Project: BG16RFOP002-1.005-0314-C01
"Effective partnership between ICOM Ltd. and the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) to develop a prototype IoT platform for behavioral analysis of motor vehicle drivers and calculation of driver's risk profile based on real telematics data"

Brief description: ICOM Ltd. is the largest provider of telematics services and intelligent transport systems in Bulgaria. The company has a rich product portfolio and offers many solutions such as: Automated Urban Mobility Solutions (AVL, VMS, PTISPS, AFC, RTPI, etc.); Usage-based Insurance telematics solutions (UBI), for automotive insurance companies; automated emergency call systems for vehicles (eCall); GPS solutions for company fleets; GPS solutions for intelligent transport systems, etc.
With a view to expanding the portfolio of products offered and in response to the targeted market niche, which has a great potential for development, ICOM Ltd., in partnership with IICT-BAS plans to develop a prototype of an IoT (Internet of Things) platform for analysis of the behavior of drivers and calculation of the driver's risk profile based on the processing of relevant real-time telematics data.
In its information technology essence, the prototype of the innovative product developed under the project will be an IoT software platform that, based on the use of BigData technology tools and methods, will be able to process real-time data collected by millions of cars and provide a variety of analytical information to consumers, state bodies and various private and public organizations.
Taking into account the nature of the product innovation (service) developed under the project, the project is entirely focused on ICT and IT by ISIS, with priority in Big Data, Grid and Cloud Technologies.
The final result of the implementation of the project is planned to achieve a technological readiness level TRL 8 - a completed and certified system.

Project beneficiary: ICOM Ltd.

Project implementation period: August 16, 2018 - August 16, 2020

Partner: Institute of Information and Communication Technologies - BAS

Total value: 603 333.33 lv.

Project: BG16RFOP002-1.005-0256-C01
"Development of a Prototype of My Warranties Web-based Platform, Demonstrated in an Operating Environment"

Brief description: The project has the goal to provide all research and development activities necessary for the design, development and test of My Warranties web-based platform in an operating environment. The innovation supported under the project represents a customized software product-web-based platform with the goal to offer strictly specific services to both buyers and vendors. This platform will help to achieve accelerated, easily accessible and fully automated management of all activities related to the warranty repair service irrespective of the party involved in this process – the user or the provider of the warranty service. This goal will be achieved by:
- creating a personal host for the storage of digital documents referring to specific conditions for the provision of the warranty services;
- automation of the process of monitoring and tracing the warranty service through the text recognition technology and the message sending mechanism for coming events related to the warranty;
- options enabling to group the various warranties by common feature;
- provision of access to analysis, databases and market adviser for the product quality and their warranty service.
Taking into account the focus of the innovation under the project, it shall be defined as a product-focused (service). Currently, the innovation service has been shaped out as a concept only, which is developed on the base of conducted study and analysis of the available technologies in the field of these types of services. The strategic goal of the project is at the end of the period this innovation to reach the technology readiness level of TRL7-prototype, demonstrated in an operating environment.

Project beneficiary: ICYGEN Ltd.

Project implementation period: May 30, 2018 - May 30, 2020

Partner: Institute of Information and Communication Technologies - BAS

Total value: 623 470.00 lv.

Project: BG16RFOP002-1.005-0197-С01
"Development of Innovative Telecommunication Service by "BTC" EAD"

Brief description: The current project proposal is targeted at developmen of innovative telecommunication service "Unified Office" to technology readiness level TRL 6, which significantly outstrips market alternatives. This will be a telecommunication service that aims to provide industry-leading reliability, security, efficiency in conversations that allow communication, regardless of the end device and infrastructure (SIP phone, tablet, PC, mobile phone, etc.). At the same time, the development of "Unified Office" will provide the unique opportunity for video and voice co-operation and conferences through face and voice recognition of the participants in the conference. Additionally, through the functionality of speech-to-text transfer and e-signature with electronic signature in a cloud environment of the generated document, virtual meetings to discuss common solution as well as the authentication options of the virtual meetings will be completely transferred to digital format. The implementation of the industrial research is envisaged to be conducted by the project team, formed by specialists of BTC EAD and the partnering scientific organization - "Institute for Information and Communication Technologies" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The two organizations combine their efforts, their resources for achieving the common goal, sharing both the results and the risks of the project. The innovative service falls within the Thematic area "Informatics and ICT" and in particular in the "Wireless Sensor Networks and Wireless Communication" direction of the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization. With the implementation of the project, an innovative service with unique technical features and applicability will be developed for corporate clients.

Project beneficiary: Bulgarian Telecommunications Company EAD ("BTC")

Project implementation period: May 30, 2018 - May 30, 2020

Partner: Institute of Information and Communication Technologies - BAS

Total value: 1 538 331.57 lv.